Injury woes continue for Arda Guler at Real Madrid

2023-11-10 15:46:50 | Last Update : 2023-11-10 15:53:27

Experiencing persistent injury troubles, Turkish footballer Arda Guler remained sidelined during today's training session with Real Madrid, posing a continued challenge to his efforts to secure playing opportunities under the management of Carlo Ancelotti

Injury woes continue for Arda Guler at Real Madrid
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Arda Guler, who was injured in his right knee for the first time since his arrival at Real Madrid and underwent surgery on Aug. 14, was injured in the left foot on Sept. 26 shortly after his recovery.

Guler has been waiting for Real Madrid's Technical Director Carlo Ancelotti to give him a chance to play for his new team for the last two weeks, but he had another injury problem.


The Turkish footballer, who has been working separately from the team for the last 3 days, did not attend the training session held at the Real Madrid facilities for the preparations for the Valencia match to be played tomorrow.

In the 13th week of La Liga, Real Madrid will face Valencia at home tomorrow night, Arda will not be in the squad.

"Arda was injured before the Braga match. But his condition is not serious," Ancelotti said in a statement about the latest situation.

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