Real Madrid's Arda Guler faces early struggles: From injuries to adaptation

2023-11-24 14:02:11 | Last Update : 2023-11-24 15:28:20

Spanish press claims that Turkish footballer Arda Guler regrets his transfer from Fenerbahce, one of Turkiye's leading teams, to La Liga giant Real Madrid

Real Madrid's Arda Guler faces early struggles: From injuries to adaptation

Turkish footballer Arda Guler aka Golden Boy, who transferred from Fenerbahce, one of Turkiye's leading football teams, to Real Madrid at the beginning of the season, allegedly had a lot of difficulties in his first days in Spain.

According to the news of Defensa Central; Guler experienced his saddest days at Real Madrid in Real Madrid's Los Angeles camp despite the consecutive injuries he suffered.

In addition to the pressure of being transferred to Real Madrid, the injury he suffered in the camp and his inability to communicate much due to the language barrier caused Arda to have psychological problems.

It was stated that Real Madrid players were aware of Arda's problems and helped him from the very beginning, while the young player sometimes had the idea "I wish I had stayed at Fenerbahce, which I love very much."

Despite all this, it was stressed that Arda started to make friends in the dressing room as time passed and gradually got used to the country and Spanish.

It was written that despite all the injuries and misfortunes, the trust in Arda has not been shaken and it is believed that Arda will make a great contribution to the club like Fede Valverde who had similar problems.

Source: Defensa Central

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