Azerbaijan's surprise offer for Turkish manager Senol Gunes

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Azerbaijan Football National Team has made an offer to Senol Gunes, former coach of Besiktas, one of Turkiye's leading teams

Azerbaijan's surprise offer for Turkish manager Senol Gunes


Following a discussion with Azerbaijani journalist Elcin Jafarov of CBC Sport and Sportinfo TV, it has been revealed that Senol Gunes stands as the prime contender for an important coaching position within the Azerbaijan National Team.

Besiktas released a statement confirming the resignation of Senol Gunes from his managerial position on October.

Reports indicate Gunes, currently residing in Istanbul and showing no inclination to retire, is keen on taking up a coaching role once more.

Azerbaijan Football Federation officials agreed that the new coach should be a local or someone from Turkiye.

Senol Gunes was demanded by many at the meeting and it was learned that an official offer will be made soon.

Azerbaijan National Team, which lost 5-0 to Belgium in the last match of EURO 2024 Qualifying Group F, decided to separate its ways with Italian coach Giovanni De Biasi.

The 67-year-old Italian coach Giovanni De Biasi had argued and swore at journalists after the defeat of the Azerbaijan national team.

"I have never seen such idiotic, stupid questions," De Biasi said.

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