Arda Guler's return to Real Madrid delayed by doctor's decision

2023-11-29 14:07:25 | Last Update : 2023-11-29 14:18:04

Arda Guler, whose treatment at Real Madrid continues, postpones his return to pitch once again on advice of doctors

Arda Guler's return to Real Madrid delayed by doctor's decision

Arda Guler aka Golden Boy, who was transferred from Fenerbahce, one of Turkiye's leading football teams, to La Liga team Real Madrid at the beginning of the season, but has not yet played an official match due to consecutive injuries, has taken a new decision on the advice of club doctors.

The national footballer was expected to stay away from the pitch for another 1 month. However, with the decision of the doctors, the period was extended and it was decided that the national footballer would not start training with the team before 2024. This decision was also notified to Guler.

According to the Spanish press, the club thinks that Guler needs time to improve his physical fitness and adapt to the team. He will not be allowed to return to the team before he is 100 percent ready.

In January, the first matches of the King's Cup will be played. With this, Guler is expected to find his first chance in these matches.

Source: Newsroom

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