Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal to play Brisbane 2024 after injury

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Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who has not played since beginning of year due to injury, announces his participation in the Australian Open, first grand slam tournament of 2024 season

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal to play Brisbane 2024 after injury

Rafael Nadal, the 37-year-old Spanish tennis player with 22 grand slam titles in his career, announced in a video shared on his social media account that he will participate in the tournament in Brisbane, Australia, after a one-year break after the injury he suffered.

"I don't think I deserve this kind of ending. I've been working my whole sporting life and so my retirement won't come with a press conference. I'm going to work hard to finish my career the way it should be. After a year out of the tournament, I think it's the right time to come back. I'm ready to announce that I'll be in Brisbane in the first week of the season," Nadal said.

Nadal is expected to first participate in the Brisbane International, the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) 250 series tournament starting on December 31, which will be hosted by Brisbane, Australia. The 2024 Australian Open, where the Spaniard has won the singles title twice, will be held between Jan. 14-28.

The Spanish tennis player, who was eliminated by Mackenzie McDonald of the United States in the second round of the Australian Open in January this year and could not return to the courts after her injury in this match, said at a press conference in May that 2024 could be the last season of her career.

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