Former Jets TE Richard Caster dies at 75

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Former professional football player Jets Richard Caster passed away at 75 after an extended battle with Parkinson's disease

Former Jets TE Richard Caster dies at 75

Former New York tight end Jets Richard Caster passed away on Friday at the age of 75 after battling Parkinson's Disease.

Caster, a second-round pick by the Jets in 1970 from Jackson State, stood out with his imposing physical presence, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, weighing 228 pounds and 4.5-second 40-yard dash speed.

During his eight seasons with the Jets, Caster played a key role in transforming the tight end position.

His combination of size, speed and athleticism contributed to his success, leading to three Pro Bowl selections.

As the football world mourns Richard Caster's death, his contributions to the game and the mark he left on the tight end position will be remembered as part of his enduring legacy.

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