Olympic qualifiers 2024: Brazil stunned by Paraguay in 1-0 upset

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Olympic champions Brazil beat 1-0 Paraguay in final four of South American qualifying tournament on Monday

Olympic qualifiers 2024: Brazil stunned by Paraguay in 1-0 upset
In a surprising turn of events, Olympic champion Brazil encountered a setback in their journey to secure a place at the 2024 Paris Games. 
During Monday's final four South American qualifying tournament, the under-23 Brazilian team experienced a shocking 1-0 defeat against Paraguay. The ongoing tournament features Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Venezuela in a round-robin final qualifying stage for the 2024 Games. 
Only the top two teams from this stage will earn berths in Paris, intensifying the competition and raising the stakes for all participating nations.The unexpected hero for Paraguay was Fabrizio Peralta, whose crucial header in the first half's final seconds secured an unforeseen victory. 
The qualifiers are in Caracas, with the tournament set to conclude on Feb. 11.
Source: Reuters
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