Sweden, Denmark join forces to host Women's Euro 2029

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Sweden and Denmark will host the 2029 Women's European Championship

Sweden, Denmark join forces to host Women's Euro 2029

The soccer federations of Sweden and Denmark unveiled plans on Thursday to collaborate in hosting the 2029 Women's European Championship. 

The decision comes after the disappointment of losing the bid for the 2025 edition, where their Nordic allies, Norway and Finland, were also part of the unsuccessful venture, ultimately losing to Switzerland in the final round of voting by UEFA's executive committee last year.

With a rich history in women's soccer, Norway is a two-time European champion, while Sweden clinched the inaugural title in 1984. Denmark, on the other hand, has yet to secure a Women's European Championship title.

The upcoming tournament will feature 16 teams playing 31 games, necessitating the availability of up to eight stadiums for hosting matches. 

The bid project was officially unveiled in Paris following UEFA's annual meeting, during which Swedish and Danish soccer leaders expressed their support for UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin in a vote concerning term limit extensions, a potentially controversial issue.

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