Denver Nuggets end Lakers’ winning streak with 114-106 victory

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Denver Nuggets end the Los Angeles Lakers' three-game winning streak with a 114-106 victory

Denver Nuggets end Lakers’ winning streak with 114-106 victory

In a thrilling match that saw standout performances from Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr., the Denver Nuggets triumphed over the Los Angeles Lakers with a 114-106 victory, snapping the Lakers' three-game winning streak on Thursday.

The game showcased the Nuggets' resilience as they secured their third consecutive win and eighth in the last 10 games.

Denver's victory was particularly significant, including a decisive 10-2 run in the closing minutes. 

This run secured the win and demonstrated the Nuggets' ability to execute under pressure, especially in a venue where they had previously clinched victories against the Lakers in the Western Conference finals last May.

The win against the Lakers bolsters the Nuggets' confidence and reaffirms their status as a competitive force in the league. As they continue their road trip, Denver will look to build on this momentum and further solidify their position in the NBA standings. 

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