Qatar defeats Jordan 3-1 to win the Asian Cup title

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Qatar defeated Jordan in the final of the Asia Cup, Asia's most prestigious football tournament, to win the trophy

Qatar defeats Jordan 3-1 to win the Asian Cup title

Qatar and Jordan faced each other in the final of the 18th edition of the tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) this year and Qatar won the cup by defeating Jordan 3-1.

In the match played at Lusail Stadium, Qatar took the lead in the 22nd minute with Akram Afif's penalty goal.

Jordan, playing in the final for the first time in the tournament, equalized in the 67th minute with Yazan Al-Naimat.

Qatar won the match 3-1 with Afif's goals from penalties in the 73rd and 90+5th minutes and became the undefeated champion.

Qatar, which won the 2024 Asian Cup after 2019, reached the happy end for the second time in a row in the organization.

Champion Qatar won $5 M and finalist Jordan won 3 million dollars in prize money.

Qatar will donate the ticket revenues from the Asian Cup to support Palestinians under Israeli attacks.

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