Turkish karate athletes win 19 medals in Georgia

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Turkish athletes display remarkable success at Junior, Under-21 European Championships, securing 19 medals in Georgia

Turkish karate athletes win 19 medals in Georgia

Turkish national karate athletes won 19 medals, including 3 gold, 5 silver and 11 bronze, at the Cadet, Junior, and Under-21 European Championships.

Forty-three national karate players participated in the organization held in the capital, Tbilisi, and 1160 athletes from 49 countries competed.

Turkish karate players finished the championship in fourth place.

Aiming to bag the first position the next time, Turkish Karate Federation President Aslan Abid Uğuz said that the team unfortunately couldn't grab the first spot this time.

"Any result other than the championship does not satisfy us," he said.

These achievements by young national karate players once again brought pride for the entire nation, underscoring Türkiye's position in international karate.

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