Milan defeats Napoli 1-0

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Milan defeated the reigning champions Napoli 1-0 in the Serie A match

Milan defeats Napoli 1-0

AC Milan claimed a significant 1-0 victory over reigning champions Napoli in a highly anticipated Serie A clash on Sunday. 

The decisive moment came in the 25th minute when Theo Hernandez, the talented French defender, showcased his prowess with a clinical finish. The goal, originating from a brilliant pass by Rafael Leao, saw Hernandez control the ball on the edge of the box and calmly slot it past Napoli's goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini.

The triumph marked a crucial three points for AC Milan and extended their unbeaten streak in Serie A to nine games since the start of the year. The victory over Napoli holds significance not only in league standings but also as a statement of intent from AC Milan.

Every win becomes crucial in pursuing glory as they continue to chase Inter Milan and cross-town rivals Juventus in the Serie A title race.

Source: Reuters






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