Chinese swimmer breaks record at Paris Olympics 

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China's Pan Zhanle broke the men's freestyle world record at the Paris Olympics 

Chinese swimmer breaks record at Paris Olympics 

Chinese swimmer Pan Zhanle, 19, made history on Sunday by breaking the men's freestyle world record in the 100 meters, solidifying his status as a dominant force leading up to the Paris Olympics. 

Pan's awe-inspiring swim clocked in at an astonishing 46.80 seconds during the leadoff leg of Team China's gold-winning 4x100m relay at the World Championships in Doha. 

This achievement surpassed the previous world record of 46.86 seconds, held by Romanian David Popovici. Pan's remarkable feat secured victory for Team China and marked him as an emerging star in global swimming.

The 4x100m relay showcased Pan's exceptional speed and skill, positioning him as a critical asset for China in relay events at the Paris Olympics. 

Pan's achievement also highlights China's growing prominence in swimming, producing notable talents, breaking barriers, and setting new standards. 

The previous world record held by Romanian sensation David Popovici, also a rising star in the sport, underscores the intense competition at the highest level of swimming.

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