Palestinian footballers praise S. Africa for Gaza support

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Palestinian footballers express gratitude to South Africa during the Humanity game in Cape Town for their support for Gaza

Palestinian footballers praise S. Africa for Gaza support

Palestinian soccer players expressed their heartfelt appreciation to South Africa for their unwavering support for Gaza during a friendly Football for Humanity game in Cape Town. 

The team arrived in South Africa on Thursday. It was welcomed with warmth and hospitality, a sentiment echoed by players who appreciated the support they received when they set foot in the country.

The Football for Humanity game took place at Cape Town's Athlone Stadium on Sunday, capturing the attention of soccer fans and dignitaries alike.

Among the notable figures in attendance were President Cyril Ramaphosa, Sports Minister Zizi Kodwa, Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor and Justice Minister Ronald Lamola. The stadium was filled with supporters dressed in Palestine solidarity regalia, waving flags, and passionately chanting slogans such as "Free Free Palestine, from the river to the sea."

The Palestinian national team faced South Africa's Western Cape XI invitational team in the solidarity game, with the hosts ultimately securing a victory with a goal.

The atmosphere in the stadium was charged with emotions and a strong sense of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Following the game, Captain Mus'ab Al Battat took a moment to express his gratitude in a brief interview with Anadolu, stating, "Thank you to South Africa, the president, and the people. We are very happy for the support to Palestine." He acknowledged the warm hospitality the team experienced during their stay in South Africa.

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