Sainz triumphs, Verstappen exits Australian Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz clinches victory at the Australian Grand Prix, while Max Verstappen suffers a retirement

Sainz triumphs, Verstappen exits Australian Grand Prix

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz won the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, the third round of the 2024 Formula One World Championship.

Ferrari dominated the race, with Sainz's Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc finishing second. At the same time, Red Bull's reigning champion, Max Verstappen, and two Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, had to retire from the race.

Sainz won with a time of 1:20:26.843, Leclerc finished second with +2.366 seconds, and McLaren's Lando Norris was third with +5.904 seconds at Albert Park Circuit.

Verstappen had to retire due to a brake problem, Hamilton's car suffered an engine problem, and Russell crashed out.

Verstappen still leads the driver standings with 51 points, Leclerc follows him with 47 points, and Red Bull driver Sergio Perez is in third place with 46 points.

Red Bull Racing leads the constructor standings with 97 points, Ferrari is second with 93 points, and McLaren is third with 55 points.

The Japanese Grand Prix, round 4 of the Formula One World Championship, will be held on April 7.

Source: AA

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