Türkiye's 51-year-old national arm wrestler aims for world championship

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Husrev Dogru, who started his career as a civil servant after growing up in Ordu Boys Orphanage, won the European championship at the age of 51 in his sports career, which he started five years ago

Türkiye's 51-year-old national arm wrestler aims for world championship

After finding national and international success in arm wrestling at 51, Husrev Dogru from Ordu has set his sights on the world championship, having taken up the sport just five years ago.

Overcoming adversity, Dogru, who resided at the Ordu Boys Orphanage between 1986-1991, discovered a passion for arm wrestling later in life and dedicated himself to improving his skills.

 At 46, he embarked on this challenge in his hometown of Unye, earning degrees from domestic and international organizations in a remarkably short timeframe.

Dogru, who is married and the father of a child, came second in the right arm at 80 kg in the European Championship held in Moldova last year and then came second in the left arm and third in the right arm in the world championship held in Kazakhstan.

The national athlete, who participated in the European Arm Wrestling Championship held in Slovakia from May 2 to 15, ranked first in Europe in the left arm and third in Europe in the right arm in the grand master category.

Dogru returned to his hometown with great pride and started training at the Unye Indoor Sports Hall Arm Wrestling Training Center for the world championship to be held in Moldova in August.

Dogru, an athlete of UNCEK Sports Club, told Anadolu Agency reporter that he met club president Mustafa Arslan after realizing that his left arm was strong while doing bodybuilding sports.

Explaining that he attended various arm wrestling courses, which he started with Arslan's support, Dogru said he won the Turkish championship in the third year and the European championship in the fifth year.

Emphasizing that he participated in the championship with more experience this year, Dogru said, "We won the championship this year based on our experience. Because power only goes so far, but experience is also necessary. When you combine experience and power, the degree comes. There is a world championship to be held in Moldova in August. Our goal is to win gold medals in both the right and left arms and sing the Turkish National Anthem, God willing."

Husrev Dogru's arm wrestling coach, Furkan Kirman, couldn't hide his joy after Dogru's European Championship win. The duo has been working together for four years, making Kirman a key part of Dogru's success story.

With unwavering confidence in Dogru's abilities, Kirman believes they will raise the Turkish flag high and bring home the gold medal.

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