Chinese tech giant Xiaomi opens store in Istanbul

2018-09-17 12:42:29

Over 160 Xiaomi products including smartphones, accessories, computers and home devices are sold at store

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi opens store in Istanbul
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China's leading appliance manufacturer and the world's number four smartphone producer Xiaomi opened a "Mi Store" in Istanbul, its first in Turkey, on Friday.

All investments are valuable for Turkey in recent period, Onur Con -- deputy general manager in Evofone, Xiaomi's distributor in Turkey -- told Anadolu Agency correspondent during the store's opening ceremony.

"Xiaomi satisfy users with its innovative perspective and well-priced products," Con said.

Over 160 Xiaomi products, such as smartphones, accessories, computers and home devices, are sold at the store, which is located in Vadi Istanbul Mall.

With the opening of the store, Xiaomi's new smartphone Mi 8 was put on sale in Turkey.

Mi Store name is used for the brand's authorized shop.

Evofone plans to open new stores and invest to raise market share of Xiaomi in Turkey.

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi produces smart phones, accessories, laptops, televisions and internet devices.

Kaynak : AA
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