Albatros-S Unmanned Surface Vehicle Swarm System

2022-12-16 14:35:28 | Son Güncelleme : 2022-12-16 15:00:59

The Turkish defense industry continues to produce new technologies in aviation vehicles. A swarm architecture consisting of eight vessels was put into practice in the third phase of the Albatros-S Unmanned Sea Vehicles Swarm Project. Also Demir said that unmanned surface vehicle swarm system family will expand.

Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) Ismail Demir said Tuesday on Twitter, he said that they completed the third phase of the project, where the defense giant Aselsan-developed Albatros-S herd capabilities were exhibited.


"We continue to develop high-autonomy unmanned sea vehicles and expand our IDA (unmanned sea vehicle) family! "In the third phase of the project, we implemented the 8-herd architecture. #Albatros-S IDA Herd performs different tasks, shares sub-tasks, and is divided into sub-herds," his statement read.

The video shared by Demir, along with the Albatros-S’ high autonomy capabilities, showed automatic target detection, approaching the target with different maneuvers and engaging in a herd.