Türkiye turned into technology hub, says head of Alibaba

2023-01-12 17:13:29 | Last Update : 2023-01-12 17:16:25

Michael Evans visits leading Turkish firms Baykar and Trendyol. Türkiye has become a logistics and manufacturing center, as well as the region's technology hub, Michael Evans, head of the Alibaba Group, said during his visit to the country.

Türkiye turned into technology hub, says head of Alibaba
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According to a press release on Monday, Evans visited the headquarters of leading Turkish e-commerce firm Trendyol, where Alibaba is a strategic investor, and had meetings with high-level public and private sector representatives.
Alibaba Group is one of the top 10 tech firms globally, with a gross merchandise volume of $1.3 trillion and a current market capitalization of $284 billion, the press release said.

Visiting a Turkish drone maker, Baykar, he said: "I saw a pioneering Turkish company in drone technologies, developing technologies that have no precedent in the world." "I also observed the progress Turkiye has made with (Turkish domestic car) Togg on mobility solutions that many countries in the world are presently working on," he added.

He stated that as a unique location connecting the East and the West, Türkiye is a global player in many sectors, such as textiles, automobiles, durable goods, home appliances, and agriculture.
He added: "Moreover, it is a regional hub in logistics and is among the biggest players in Europe n road freight.

"In addition to these advantages, taking into account the number of enterprises that produce globally recognized, value-added technologies, we consider Türkiye the region's technology hub." He underlined that the interest in technology is constantly rising, and Türkiye is growing as an ecosystem, launching companies that will show significant success in the global arena.

"We think regulations which will establish a healthy competitive environment are essential for Türkiye to tap into its extraordinary potential in the field of technology as well."


On Alibaba's investment in Trendyol in 2018, he said there were three reasons for the funding: Türkiye's strong and diverse production structure, its advantageous geographical location, high-quality internet and transportation infrastructure, and Trendyol's prominent position among all the potential alternatives.

He said Trendyol's next goal would be to introduce e-exports to small- and medium-sized enterprises in Türkiye. "We also attach great importance to the vision of the Industry and Technology Ministry to develop 10 Turcorns in Türkiye by 2023 and 100 Turcorns by 2030," he said, referring to the Turkish version of the unicorn, a start-up firm with a value exceeding $1 billion.

"I am sure that in the future, Turkish technology companies will emerge and make a name for themselves in the world in many different fields," he added.


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