WhatsApp will host sticker making on its own

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Good news for those who like to use stickers in their WhatsApp chats. You will no longer have to use third-party apps. You will be able to select the images you want to create stickers for and send them directly from WhatsApp. So, how to make WhatsApp stickers? How to add stickers on WhatsApp? Here are the answers to these questions…

WhatsApp will host sticker making on its own

In iOS's WhatsApp 23.1.75 update, the drag-and-drop feature was released to your WhatsApp chats to make it easier to share pictures, videos, and documents from other apps. Finally, WhatsApp introduced a new sticker creation tool, this time allowing users to quickly create stickers from their pictures.
Popular messaging app WhatsApp has launched a new feature for iOS (iPhone) users. Now users can use a new custom sticker feature powered by the official iOS 16 API. The feature was named 'Sticker Creator'. With the tool recently released by Apple in the stable version, users will be able to quickly create stickers from their images.


According to the screenshot, after extracting or selecting the desired element from a picture, users simply paste it into a chat.

Once you can use the feature, WhatsApp automatically converts the image into a sticker that can be added to the user's sticker collection.
One of the advantages of having this feature built into WhatsApp is that users no longer need to switch between different apps or tools to create and use stickers. This will save time and make stickers easier.

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