Elon Musk apologizes to disabled employee he mocked

2023-03-08 16:30:55 | Last Update : 2023-03-08 16:43:05

A worker named Haraldur Thorleifsson, who worked at the Twitter company that Elon Musk bought, was first fired and then ridiculed by Elon Musk. But Musk realized his mistake and apologized to the worker the next day.

Elon Musk apologizes to disabled employee he mocked
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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has laid off quite a few people. Among those laid off was a worker named Haraldur Thorleifsson.

The worker tweeted to Elon Musk when he could not understand whether he was out of work or not despite working for 9 more days.

“Maybe if enough people retweet you’ll answer me here?” he wrote on Monday.

Musk responded to the worker. He proceeded to quiz him about his work, question his disability and need for accommodations (Thorleifsson, who goes by “Halli,” has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair) and tweet that Thorleifsson has a “prominent, active Twitter account and is wealthy” and the “reason he confronted me in public was to get a big payout.” While the exchange was going on, Thorleifsson said he received an email that he was no longer employed.


But on Tuesday afternoon, Musk regretted what he had done and apologized.

“I would like to apologize to Halli for my misunderstanding of his situation. It was based on things I was told that were untrue or, in some cases, true, but not meaningful,” he tweeted. “He is considering remaining at Twitter.”

Thorleifsson did not immediately respond to a message for comment following Musk’s tweet. In an earlier email, he called the experience “surreal.”

“You had every right to lay me off. But it would have been nice to let me know!” he tweeted to Musk.

(AP News)

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