Tech giant Amazon lays off thousands of jobs

2023-03-21 12:04:10 | Last Update : 2023-03-21 12:10:38

Technology and e-commerce giant Amazon seems determined to continue its austerity policy. The US-based company is laying off 9,000 more people. This decision was announced by the company itself.

Tech giant Amazon lays off thousands of jobs
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Amazon Chief Executive (CEO) Andy Jassy provided information on the operations plan and layoffs in a message he shared with company employees. Jassy reported that they plan to lay off about 9,000 employees over the next few weeks, mostly from AWS, PXT, Twitch and advertising.

Pointing to the current and future uncertainties in the economy, Jassy said: "This was a tough decision, but we think it's best for the company in the long run."

Announcing that it decided to take a break from hiring in November last year due to the economic outlook, Amazon laid off 18,000 of its employees in January.


The wave of layoffs continues at US technology companies, which have significantly increased their staff numbers in the COVID-19 pandemic. While rising inflation and a possible recession caused concerns, many technology companies, especially in the USA, started to decide to lay off thousands of people or suspend new hires as of last year.

Among these companies, it was noteworthy that leading companies in the technology sector such as Meta, the owner of Facebookand Instagram, e-commerce giant Amazon, software and technology giant Microsoft and Alphabet, the parent company of search engine giant Google. Finally, Meta announced that it plans to lay off another 10,000 of its employees.


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