Development from Whatsapp in voice messages

2023-03-27 12:49:08 | Last Update : 2023-03-27 12:55:46

The developments continue to come from WhatsApp. This time, the mega social media company took a step regarding voice messages. Thanks to this development, voice messages will be more private and protected.

Development from Whatsapp in voice messages
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Popular messaging app WhatsApp continues to improve its messaging functionality. A new function is about to be added to the messaging feature of WhatsApp, which has the functions of sending photos, videos, files, documents and audio.

According to the news of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on the voice message sending function that is set to be listened to only once. The feature is currently still in development and we expect it to be available to everyone after rolling out to testers in the coming weeks.


This new feature is just like photos and videos that can be viewed once. WhatsApp continues to help users have more privacy functions.

Recently, we also mentioned that WhatsApp is working on the text messages feature that is set to be viewed only once. The functionality that is expected to come to text messages has not yet been offered to all users.

However, in the Android WhatsApp beta update, it turned out that the feature that allows sending voice messages that can only be heard once is on the way.

Even a screenshot of this new option to be added to the voicemail function has been shared. Voice messages sent using this mode will only play once.

On the other hand, voice messages that are set to be listened to once, as well as images that can be opened once, cannot be recorded or forwarded to another chat in order to protect users' privacy.

This feature will definitely increase the privacy and security of communication.


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