Twitter will give blue ticks to dead celebrities' accounts

2023-04-23 14:21:03 | Last Update : 2023-04-23 14:30:12

Elon Musk has made many changes to the platform since he bought Twitter. But this last change made by the business person was quite remarkable.

Twitter will give blue ticks to dead celebrities' accounts
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Elon Musk bought the social media platform Twitter in the past months. The business person has made some pretty big changes on the platform. But the most striking innovation was Twitter Blue.

Musk brought the Blue system to monetize Twitter. Accounts that purchase Twitter Blue get exclusive features and blue ticks. In this way, the businessman states that not only celebrities but also anyone who wishes can have blue tike and privileged features.


The remarkable change on Twitter was the addition of blue ticks to the accounts of deceased celebrities. Elon Musk added a blue tick to the Twitter account of Kobe Bryant, Norm Macdonald, Anthony Bourdain, Chadwick Boseman and Michael Jackson.

Relatives of the deceased celebrities did not make any statement on the subject. But on social media platforms, it was claimed that Elon Musk did this to attract attention.

In addition, the businessman added blue ticks to the accounts of people who reacted for Twitter Blue. Among these accounts are names such as famous writer Stephan King and athlete LeBron James. In fact, after a user boycotting the Twitter Blue system shared that Elon Musk was making fun of him, Musk said, "Is it sarcastic, me?"


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