New artificial intelligence-supported application from Apple

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Apple will host the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which will take place in June. The highly anticipated part of the event is iOS 17 and the innovations it will offer. With iOS 17, the future is already starting to become clear. In addition, a new application that the technology giant will announce next year has emerged.

New artificial intelligence-supported application from Apple

According to the news published by The Verge, Apple is working on a new application for iPhone models. Although the details for the application, called Quartz, are not clear for now, there are some key information such as what it will serve.

Quartz will be integrated with the Apple Watch and will serve users like a health coach on the iPhone. The upcoming app will take the data from the Apple Watch and make suggestions on the iPhone as well.


According to the information conveyed by The Verge, the application, code-named Quartz, will be released next year. So it's probably expected for iOS 18. Among the remarkable details of the new application is that it is supported by artificial intelligence and paid.

Due to artificial intelligence, it will be possible for the health coach to make personalized and original recommendations with the data it receives from the Apple Watch.

Apart from this, Apple continues to increase its services in the field of health. The company recently announced the Medication Tracking System and offers Fitness Plus service for a fee. It is also doing a lot of work in this area.

On the other hand, Apple will also present a new application expected with the iOS 17 update. This app unlike others will focus on the mental health of iPhone users. The application, which monitors what the customers are doing by serving as a daily task, will also make suggestions.

A Health app for tablets, as well as for iPhones, is expected for next summer. Apple will offer a special version of the Health app in the iPadOS 17 update.

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