Artificial intelligence could take our jobs

2023-05-13 16:23:14 | Last Update : 2023-05-13 16:28:06

Artificial intelligence has been helping people in many different professions, especially recently. In fact, people from some professional groups admitted that their work will be continued only with artificial intelligence in the future and explained that they are afraid. So what are the thoughts on the subject? Will artificial intelligence really replace humans?

Artificial intelligence could take our jobs
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In a survey conducted by Microsoft on business trends, thoughts about artificial intelligence emerged. Some of the respondents think that artificial intelligence will take away their jobs in the future, while others think that artificial intelligence will reduce their workload.

Participants in the survey were asked about the impact of artificial intelligence on professions. %49 of Microsoft employees participating in the survey stated that they are concerned that artificial intelligence will take away their jobs. 


According to Business Insider, the remaining %51of the surveyed respondents state that artificial intelligence helps them in their work and thus reduces their workload. So they are quite satisfied with artificial intelligence. 

In fact, 80% of the respondents who participated in the survey and responded positively or negatively stated that they were looking for an artificial intelligence tool to summarise their meetings. Looking at the overall picture, it becomes clear that artificial intelligence divides employees into opposite poles.

"It is impressive that people are more excited about artificial intelligence saving them from burnout than worrying about artificial intelligence eliminating their jobs," said Professor of Psychology Adam Grant. 

On the other hand, 73 per cent of the survey participants stated that they would not hesitate to get help from artificial intelligence even when carrying out creative projects.

However, in previous studies on artificial intelligence, it was announced that chatbots would take over 20 per cent of the workforce in 5 years, taking into account the feature of producing 'original' content.

Ultima Social Engineering Manager and artificial intelligence expert Richard DeVere said, "This is not just a new fashion like Bitcoin, NFTs or smart contact lenses. This is happening and shows no signs of slowing down."
(Source: Business Insider)

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