Elon Musk met with Chinese Foreign Minister during his Beijing visit

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Elon Musk met with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang during his visit to China. During the meeting between Musk and Qin Gang, the company's expansion in China was mentioned. According to one claim, Musk's next meeting will be with Chinese Premier Li Qiang. Tesla produces 1.1 million cars a year in China.

Elon Musk met with Chinese Foreign Minister during his Beijing visit

Tesla founder Elon Musk traveled to China after 3 years and met with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

According to a government statement late on Tuesday, Musk said his company is keen to continue expanding in China. The conversation also touched on the merits of maintaining ties between China and the US.

Qin told Musk that China is committed to developing a good business environment for foreign companies, the statement said.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Mao Ning earlier on Tuesday welcomed Mr Musk and other business leaders, saying: "We would like to see foreign investors operating in China, exploring the Chinese market and sharing in the dividends of the development of China."


Musk is also expected to visit Tesla's Shanghai factory, people who asked not to be identified said, The Straits Time reported.

The CEO may meet with Premier Li Qiang and discuss the self-driving technology Tesla is trying to introduce in China, one of the people, who also asked not to be identified, said.



In early May, Tesla's revamped sedan in Shanghai neared the final stages before starting trial production of the Model 3, Bloomberg reported.

The revised version is slightly longer than the earlier version and sportier, with a sleeker interior design.


Tesla's Shanghai plant accounted for more than half its global production last year, and the facility can now produce as many as 1.1 million cars a year.

But a drop in shipments at Tesla's Shanghai plant in April is a sign consumers may be casting around for other electric vehicles as manufacturers across China drop their prices.

The US automaker contributed almost one-quarter of Shanghai's total automotive production value in 2022, and the local authorities pledged earlier this month to continue to boost ties with the company through autonomous driving and robot modules.

Source: Bloomberg - The Straits Times

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