New 'mixed reality' glasses from Apple

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The world-famous technology company Apple introduced "Mixed reality" glasses that offer both virtual and augmented reality experience.

Apple continues to break new ground in the world of technology. Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Apple Vision Pro, the smart device they call "innovative product" at the Apple World Developers Conference (WWDC).

With the "mixed reality" glasses, which offer a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality experience that has started to take its place in daily life, users will be able to see applications on the screen that appears.

People wearing the glasses will also be able to use applications without being isolated from their surroundings. The headset also has a button for adjusting sound and image settings.

With a wide range of features, the glasses offer users an experience where they can add virtual images created with artificial intelligence to real-life images. The product is planned to be put on sale in the coming days, first in the US and then in Europe for 3,499 dollars.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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