Turkish artificial intelligence robot 'Turcoai' starts duty

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Türkiye has a new artificial intelligence robot. The artificial intelligence robot 'Turcoai', which bears the signature of Turkish entrepreneurs and is developed entirely with domestic and national facilities, has started its duty.

Turkish artificial intelligence robot 'Turcoai' starts duty

The artificial intelligence robot 'Turcoai', developed by Turkish entrepreneurs with completely domestic and national facilities, has hit the market. Turcoai, which is one of the first Turkish projects in the multi-billion dollar artificial intelligence sector, will serve in many areas from the business world, education, health sector, legal units, entertainment sector to housewives.

Turcoai is important in terms of its ability to understand the emotional algorithms of the Turkish social structure, the use of Turkish language and providing experience with written and visual content. According to the statement made, the artificial intelligence robot is an artificial intelligence robot that makes people's lives easier with the support of technology in daily life. The foundation of the project was laid in the USA in 2022 and has been developed and finalized until today.

Artificial intelligence robot, which acts as an assistant in many areas, especially companies and businesses provides great convenience to both companies and consumers in many areas such as education, health, law, entertainment and finance.


Turcoai.com Founder Muhammed Yıldız spoke to Ihlas News Agency about the project as follows:

"TurcoAI, which was founded in Istanbul in 2023, was originally launched by Turkish entrepreneurs in Boston, USA. This experienced team created the infrastructure of TurcoAI with the inspiration brought by GPT-4, a globally recognized and popular artificial intelligence model. We thought about how to integrate AI technology into people's daily lives and ultimately focused on some of the challenges of daily life. We created this platform to make people's lives easier and to meet their daily requests and needs quickly and effectively."

Turcoai.com Founder Muhammed Yıldız

"Turcoai's mission was to make AI technology a general public service for humanity. This model, with its wide range of personalization and customization capabilities, can make life easier for millions of people. Aiming to become the leader of AI technology in Türkiye, AI aims to serve millions of people who create and consume content in more than 40 languages. In the long term, we aim to become a center for artificial intelligence technology in Türkiye and the surrounding regions and to lead the way in this field."

Stating that factors such as education, investment, research and development, awareness raising and access to technology are vital to ensure the technological development and development of a country, Yıldız said: "In addition, appropriate laws and policies, infrastructure investments, local and international cooperation are also necessary to accelerate technological development. In addition, it is necessary to increase curiosity and interest in technology at the individual level, to have continuous learning and innovative thinking skills in the field of technology and science."

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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