Twitter's 'bluebird' logo and name change, replaced by X

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Billionaire businessman Elon Musk is determined to completely change Twitter, the social media platform he bought in October last year. The billionaire's latest move was to change Twitter's logo.

Twitter's 'bluebird' logo and name change, replaced by X

Elon Musk changed Twitter's name and logo. The new logo of Twitter, which has been identified with the 'bluebird' logo since its launch, has become 'X'. Twitter's name is now X.corp. Meanwhile, Elon Musk said days ago that it was time to say goodbye to the 'bluebird'. 

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted an image of the new logo projected on the company's headquarters building in San Francisco, California. Elon Musk, the company's owner, also posted a photo of the new logo in a new post on Twitter. "Our headquarters tonight" Musk said. 


In fact, Elon Musk has been talking about his 'X' dream since the first day he attempted to buy Twitter. In fact, Twitter's parent organization has already been a company called X.Corp for some time. In other words, Musk connected the company to a company called X.Corp some time after he bought Twitter. 

Elon Musk has spoken of his admiration for WeChat, the popular digital media and social network used in China. WeChat is a network where news and articles are published, messaging services are available and it also functions as a social media network. Musk has also mentioned that he wants to make Twitter like WeChat. In one of his statements, Musk even said that Twitter would be 'the platform for everything: X' for Twitter. Now we see that Musk is accelerating these plans. 


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