Instagram's close friends feature to extend to posts

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Instagram introduced the 'close friends' feature for stories in 2018. As the name suggests, the close friends feature allows only certain people to see your stories posts. The social media platform is now expanding the close friends feature.

Instagram's close friends feature to extend to posts

Instagram users have embraced the "close friends" feature because it provides a huge security benefit. In fact, users have been waiting for the feature to be expanded for a long time. Today, it was revealed that the close friends feature was also introduced for posts on the social media platform.


As many Instagram users have noticed, the close friends feature has also been added for posts. The innovation will work the same way for posts as it does for stories.

The social media platform has added a new option called "Audience" in the sharing section for its users to use the new feature. Users will choose who the target audience can be when sharing. Thus, they will be able to check who can see the photo before sharing it.

But the feature also has a privacy issue. The post shared only for the close friends list will be added to the number of posts on the person's profile. In other words, if an account shares a feature only for close friends, people who are not on the list will be able to see that there is an additional post in the post count.

With the new feature, the shared post will appear under the close friends icon on the home page. In addition, the media shared with this feature on the person's profile will also be marked with the same icon to distinguish it from others.


Compiled by: Helin Pastaci

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