Threads' new innovation to increase number of users

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Mark Zuckerberg has launched Threads to rival X (formerly Twitter). But since the platform is still very new, it has many shortcomings. Instagram President Adam Mosseri announced that they are working on an innovation for Threads that will increase the number of users.

Threads' new innovation to increase number of users

Mark Zuckerberg founded Threads as a competing platform after X users switched to other platforms. Although Threads had a rapid rise at first, it has declined in the same way recently.

After a rapid decline, Threads is working on innovations that will increase the number of users. According to the post published by the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, a web version will be added for Threads.


According Mosseri's social media post, a web version of Threads is coming. The innovation, which has been in testing for two weeks, may be available this week. With the arrival of the web version, users will be more active on the platform.

According to Mosseri, Threads will additionally improve its Search functionality. Users can currently search for usernames through Search. With the development of the function, they will be able to access more content.

On the other hand, the platform recently introduced a reposts tab in the reverse chronological "followed" feed. However, according to social media analysts, none of these features for Threads will keep users active on the platform.

According to analysts, in order for Threads users to be active and long-term on the platform, the Direct Message feature must come first. The Direct Message feature will enable users to communicate with each other and take a permanent place on the platform.

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