Apple's hidden hero Steve Wozniak reportedly hospitalized in critical condition

2023-11-09 16:40:16 | Last Update : 2023-11-09 17:52:31

Apple's hidden hero Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the company, has been hospitalized in Mexico City after collapsing during a speech at the World Business Forum on Wednesday

Apple's hidden hero Steve Wozniak reportedly hospitalized in critical condition
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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been hospitalized in Mexico City, according to multiple reports.

The 73-year-old tech entrepreneur collapsed at the World Business Forum (WBF) in Mexico City on Wednesday, a source told CNN En Espanol. 

He was subsequently admitted to the hospital at 3 p.m. local time, reported the outlet.

El Universal, a Mexican local news source, stated that Wozniak suffered a cerebrovascular ischemia, a condition that occurs when there isn't enough blood flow to the brain to meet metabolic demand, classified as "a sub-type of stroke."

TMZ, a U.S.-based tabloid news organization, stated that the tech entrepreneur had delivered his speech at the WBF event before he started "feeling strange." His wife then reportedly insisted he go to the hospital.


A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Wozniak revolutionized the personal computer industry as co-founder of Apple Computer. With its first line of Apple products – Macintosh, Apple I, and Apple II — Wozniak and Steve Jobs brought computers to customers all over the world.

Through the years, Wozniak has been involved in various business and philanthropic ventures; he currently serves as Chief Scientist for Primary Data and is a published author of a New York Times best-selling autobiography, "iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon."

Source: Agencies & People

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