Elon Musk contemplates removal of hashtags on X

2023-11-10 16:37:08 | Last Update : 2023-11-10 16:49:58

When Elon Musk responded 'Yes' to a user's post on X stating that he wanted hashtags to be removed, all hell broke loose. While many users say that the hashtag system should not be removed, Musk argues that keywords are better

Elon Musk contemplates removal of hashtags on X
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Elon Musk, one of the leading names in the technology world, announced that he is considering removing hashtags on the X platform. The social media network, formerly known as Twitter, has witnessed various changes under Musk's leadership since its $ 44 billion purchase.

Musk answered "Yes" to a user's post that hashtags should be removed. At the same time, in his reaction to a survey titled "Should hashtags be removed?", he said that the hashtag is outdated and keywords are more useful.

Hashtags are known as a tool that allows users to categorize content and follow topics of interest on Twitter and similar platforms. It is a matter of curiosity how Musk will transform the platform with this change and how it will affect the user experience.

Musk bought Twitter last year for $44 billion and has since made several changes to the platform. These include a subscription system that gradually reduces the number of adverts shown to users to zero.

On the other hand, Elon Musk's views on artificial intelligence are also on the agenda. Speaking at an event in the United Kingdom last week, Musk expressed his belief that artificial intelligence will make all jobs unnecessary in the future.

Meanwhile, Musk's artificial intelligence company xAI has also launched the "Grok" chatbot, developed as a competitor to OpenAI's ChatGPT application. It is stated that it is more capable than other artificial intelligence models and can give humorous answers. Grok is free for X Premium users.

Source: timesofnews.com

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