Tweet your career: Elon Musk's X introduces limited job search functions

2023-11-17 15:36:04 | Last Update : 2023-11-17 15:50:54

Elon Musk adds new feature to his social media platform X, officially launching job-finding function set to rival LinkedIn

Tweet your career: Elon Musk's X introduces limited job search functions
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Elon Musk has introduced a significant feature for X, formerly known as Twitter. The new functionality, developed over a period, connects job seekers and employers, launching with limited capabilities.

While trials for this feature on X are still ongoing, the LinkedIn-like job search tool is now partially operational. The company reports that the beta version was initially made available to verified users in August, and the web version is currently accessible to all on X. However, the iOS and Android versions are expected to be activated in the coming days.

Although Musk asserts that this feature will compete with LinkedIn, it appears to be somewhat limited at the moment. Notably, even when users encounter open positions, they are not directed to a third-party site to continue the application. This suggests that, during the testing phase, the functionality could be further enhanced with an upcoming update.

Source: Newsroom

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