OpenAI resolves CEO crisis with Sam Altman's potential return

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OpenAI announces that agreement in principle has been reached for Sam Altman to return as CEO

OpenAI resolves CEO crisis with Sam Altman's potential return

The recent CEO crisis at OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company, has been resolved.

In a statement released on the company's X account, it was disclosed that a tentative agreement for Sam Altman's reinstatement as CEO had been reached. Bret Taylor has been appointed as the chairman of the new board of directors, with Larry Summers and Adam D'Angelo also joining the board.

On Friday, the company officially announced the conclusion of Altman's tenure as CEO. Subsequently, the appointment of former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as the new CEO was disclosed. Altman's removal had significant repercussions, drawing reactions from the company's investors, particularly Microsoft. Employees of the company also expressed concerns about potential departures following Altman's dismissal.

After the crisis, negotiations ensued between the company and Altman regarding his return. According to a source cited by Bloomberg, discussions involved some of OpenAI's investors, many of whom advocated for Altman's reinstatement. In one of the scenarios under consideration, Altman would serve as a director on the interim board.

Source: Bloomberg

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