Artificial intelligence creates sensation: Aitana, Spanish model garnering celebrity attention

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Aitana, a digital personality developed by artificial intelligence, collaborates with brands as influencer with 200 thousand followers

Artificial intelligence creates sensation: Aitana, Spanish model garnering celebrity attention

In a groundbreaking move within the fashion and influencer industry, a digital persona named Aitana has emerged as a force to reckon with, captivating both brands and celebrities alike. 

The brainchild behind this innovative creation is Ruben Cruz, the visionary designer and founder of The Clueless agency. Cruz, facing challenges with client acquisition, had an epiphany during a period of adversity. He recognized the inherent limitations posed by real-life influencers and models and decided to engineer an alternative solution.

"We created Aitana to liberate ourselves from dependencies on individuals with ego issues or erratic demands," shared Cruz during an exclusive conversation with Euronews.

Aitana's existence blurs the line between reality and artifice. The digital model commands a substantial income, raking in an average of 3,000 euros a month, with peaks reaching 10,000 euros, primarily through brand endorsements and partnerships.

With a burgeoning Instagram following of over 121,000, Aitana's popularity skyrockets by the day. What's intriguing is her ability to draw in private messages from celebrities who remain oblivious to her non-existence in the physical realm.

The agency meticulously crafts Aitana's narrative, planning her activities, destinations, and even digitally composing photographs without conventional photoshoots. A fusion of artificial intelligence and design expertise brings her to life in the virtual world.

"People follow lives, not images. Aitana needed a story for people to relate to, despite her being non-living," expressed a graphic designer involved in her creation.

Aitana's distinct persona, contrary to the conventional anonymity of models, encompasses a vibrant personality. She's portrayed as a fitness enthusiast with determination, complexity, and a caring disposition, aiming to resonate with societal preferences.

The success of Aitana has spurred the agency to birth a second virtual model named Maia, each name cleverly incorporating the acronym for artificial intelligence (AI). The agency envisions this trend as a means to democratize marketing opportunities, empowering smaller companies lacking resources for expansive advertising campaigns.

Yet, despite its innovative approach, the initiative faces criticism. Concerns over perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards and sexualized imagery have been raised. The agency, in response, contends that they merely mirror existing aesthetics promoted by influencers and brands, aiming to navigate the current landscape.

As Aitana continues to redefine the paradigm of influencer marketing, sparking conversations about the intersection of AI, beauty standards, and brand representation, one thing remains evident: the evolution of AI-generated personas is revolutionizing an industry long reliant on human presence.

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