EU scrutinises Microsoft's stake in Chatgpt

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Europe’s scrutiny might target Microsoft's 49% ownership in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT

EU scrutinises Microsoft's stake in Chatgpt

The European Commission signaled its interest in examining whether the tech giant Microsoft's investment in the artificial intelligence firm OpenAI warrants investigation under the EU Merger Regulation. 

In a newly published document on the official EU website, the commission has invited public contributions regarding AI and competition dynamics within "virtual worlds." The announcement further disclosed the Commission's requests for information from major digital entities, withholding details about the specific recipients.

The commission highlighted its scrutiny of agreements between significant digital market players and AI developers, however, the specific companies under review weren't disclosed. 

"The European Commission is assessing whether Microsoft's investment in OpenAI might necessitate review under the EU Merger Regulation," officials said.  

Microsoft's substantial $13 billion investment in OpenAI, granting a 49% stake, hovers close to a full merger but doesn't meet the strict definition. Yet, the commission might consider Microsoft's recent role in OpenAI, particularly its influence on CEO Sam Altman's hiring and reinstatement, as a significant factor in their assesment. 


Source: Cointelegraph, Newsroom 

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