LinkedIn offers free online courses to skill up in 2024

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LinkedIn is offering 10 free online courses covering highly sought-after skills such as Python programming, blockchain, SQL, Excel proficiency, Java programming, and advanced SQL skills

LinkedIn offers free online courses to skill up in 2024

In a significant boost to professionals and learners worldwide, LinkedIn is offering 10 free online courses aimed at enhancing expertise in various high-demand areas.

Learning Python

Ideal for beginners and experienced programmers, this course promises a comprehensive understanding of Python within 30 days, covering essential programming concepts and applications.

Blockchain basics

As blockchain technology continues to shape the future, this course provides an essential overview of its mechanisms and potential implications for professionals.

Learning cloud computing

This introductory course offers insights into cloud computing, covering fundamental concepts and considerations critical for understanding today's cloud-based solutions.

Artificial intelligence foundations: Machine learning

Participants will explore the machine learning lifecycle and gain hands-on experience training their first models, laying the groundwork for AI mastery.

Hands-on introduction: SQL

Led by instructor Deepa Maddala, this course offers practical SQL learning experiences, making it an excellent starting point for those interested in data management.

Hands-on introduction: React

The course is designed for React beginners, providing a solid foundation in one of the most popular front-end development libraries.

Level up: Advanced Python

For those looking to deepen their Python skills, this advanced course offers the opportunity to explore more complex coding techniques and applications.

Excel: Tips and tricks

Dennis Taylor’s course is packed with powerful tips, tricks and shortcuts aimed at elevating users’ proficiency in Excel, enhancing both personal and professional productivity.

Hands-on introduction: Java

A perfect entry point for aspiring Java developers, this course guides participants through the basics and foundational elements of Java programming. 

Level up: SQL

This course builds upon foundational skills to master SQL, offering practical lessons and real-world applications. Participants can enhance their data analysis and management capabilities through hands-on experience.
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