Google allocates nearly $27M for AI skills initiatives in Europe

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Google pledges nearly $27 million to advance artificial intelligence skills in Europe

Google allocates nearly $27M for AI skills initiatives in Europe

Google has committed significantly to advancing artificial intelligence skills in Europe, pledging 25 million euros ($26.98 million) to support education and training initiatives. 

The announcement emphasized Google's dedication to ensuring that individuals across Europe can effectively utilize AI technologies. 

The funding is earmarked for social enterprises and nonprofits that provide training opportunities to those most likely to benefit from AI education.

As part of this initiative, Google plans to establish "growth academies" to assist companies utilizing AI in scaling their operations. These academies aim to foster the growth of businesses leveraging AI technologies and contribute to the overall development of the AI ecosystem in Europe.

In addition to financial support, Google has expanded its existing free online AI training courses to include 18 languages, making educational resources more accessible to a broader audience.

Google's multifaceted approach, encompassing infrastructure investments and educational initiatives, reflects a comprehensive strategy to contribute positively to the technological landscape in Europe. 





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