Türkiye's automobile is being armored: Inspired by President Erdogan's inquiry

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Ismail Essiz, inspired by President Erdogan, armors domestic car brand Togg to BR6 level, ensuring high-threat defense without impacting performance

Türkiye's automobile is being armored: Inspired by President Erdogan's inquiry

Turkish entrepreneur Ismail Essiz found inspiration in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's inquiry about armoring the domestic car brand Togg, motivating him to take on the challenge. Operating in the vehicle armoring business in Ankara's Ostim Organized Industrial Zone, Essiz has applied his 23 years of expertise to armor the Togg against high threats.

Using a special armoring system, Essiz ensures that the vehicles maintain their performance capabilities in all conditions. Essiz started armoring the Togg in response to President Erdogan's question and started with the first vehicle at the BR4 level.

Now, he plans to increase the protection level of the current vehicle to BR6 to provide defense against long-barreled firearms and other high threats.

For the next Togg model, Essiz intends to use lightweight materials and provide 360-degree armor coverage inside the cabin, as well as a bomb blanket for additional protection.

Despite the armoring process, Essiz assures that there is no significant impact on the Togg's range.

The BR4 level offers resistance against handgun bullets, while the BR6 level provides protection against more powerful firearms like the AK-47 and G-3 Rifle.

Initially, the armoring process for the Togg took approximately 45 days, but with completed R&D efforts, Essiz anticipates that subsequent armoring will be more efficient, with an average completion time of 20-25 days.

The demand for armoring services has surged following the delivery of the first armored vehicle, with six vehicles currently in line for armoring. Essiz acknowledges the interest in armoring the Togg specifically and aims to expedite the process to meet customer expectations promptly.

Stating that after the delivery of the first vehicle, the demand of Togg owner citizens for the armoring process increased, Essiz said, “We currently have 6 vehicles in the queue. We especially have customers waiting for Togg. We plan to respond to them quickly,” he said.

Source: Newsroom & IHA

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