Protests erupt across Türkiye in response to Israeli attack on Rafah
28 Mayıs 2024 - 00:40
Protests erupt across Türkiye in response to Israeli attack
Tens of thousands of people are gathered outside the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul and cities across Turkey, including Diyarbakır, Siirt, and Gaziantep, to protest an Israeli attack on a camp housing displaced Palestinians in Rafah
'Turkish history's dark day': Remembering 1960 coup on 64th anniversary
27 Mayıs 2024 - 11:46
Remembering 1960 coup on 64th anniversary
The May 27, 1960 coup in Türkiye remains a dark chapter, however, the Yassiada trials reveal the fictitious nature of the decisions taken during that time
Turkish securities forces arrest 30 in massive crime syndicate
27 Mayıs 2024 - 09:16
30 arrested in Türkiye's 'Mahzen-49' bust
Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announces the successful dismantling of an organized crime syndicate, with 30 suspects apprehended during 'Mahzen-49' operations across nine provinces
Embassy hosts Turkish Cuisine Week in Cairo
26 Mayıs 2024 - 15:21
Turkish Cuisine Week hosted in Cairo
Turkish Ambassador Salih Mutlu Sen welcomes Egyptian guests and foreign diplomats to a delightful evening showcasing Aegean cuisine in the heart of Cairo during Turkish Cuisine Week
Social services director becomes foster parent to 2.5-year-old
26 Mayıs 2024 - 13:25
Director becomes foster mom
Hilal Unal decides to become a foster parent after Serif started speaking at the age of 2.5 and would hug her, calling her 'mom'
65 suspects arrested in cybercrime operations
26 Mayıs 2024 - 09:03
65 arrested in cybercrime crackdown
Turkish forces arrest 65 suspects in the Sibergoz-41 operations targeting illegal betting and fraud across 13 provinces
Turkish Festival kicks off in Chicago, showcasing cultural wonders
25 Mayıs 2024 - 17:07
Turkish Festival debuts in Chicago, displaying cultural marvels
A vibrant Turkish cultural festival launched in Chicago, delighting guests with a range of traditional experiences, including theater, culinary delights and lively military band performances
South Korean ambassador Jeong Yeondoo prefers YHT for Ankara trip
25 Mayıs 2024 - 11:49
Ambassador Yeondoo prefers Türkiye's railways
Ambassador Jeong Yeondoo of South Korea chooses a high-speed train for his journey back to Ankara from Eskisehir, highlighting its comfort and speed.
Turkish Coast Guard rescues 72 migrants in the Aegean Sea
25 Mayıs 2024 - 11:28
Turkish Coast Guard rescues 72 immigrants
Turkish Coast Guard rescues 72 irregular migrants on a sailboat off the coast of Mugla
Pivotal role in Islamic finance
24 Mayıs 2024 - 16:23
Türkiye's significant role in Islamic finance
President Erdogan stresses Türkiye's role in global Islamic finance at the AlBaraka Summit in Istanbul while underlining the need to redesign the global system to address modern realities and failures in responding to global crises
Successful operation by Turkish Intelligence against PKK terrorists
24 Mayıs 2024 - 15:37
Turkish Intelligence neutralizes 2 PKK terrorists
Turkish Intelligence neutralizes 2 PKK terrorists in an operation in northern Iraq
Turkish Coast Guard apprehends 36 irregular migrants in Aegean Sea
24 Mayıs 2024 - 15:26
36 irregular migrants apprehended
Turkish Coast Guard intercepts 36 irregular migrants in the Aegean Sea near Bodrum, a district in western Mugla province
Türkiye lifts advertising ban on X after 10 months
24 Mayıs 2024 - 14:53
Türkiye lifts X ban
Türkiye removes the advertising ban on X after the social media platform appointed a local representative, as required by the 2021 social media law
Substantial surge in the number of foreign tourists visiting Türkiye
24 Mayıs 2024 - 14:09
Türkiye welcomes surge in foreign visitors
From January to April 2024, Türkiye welcomed 10.65M foreign visitors. Germany leads with 1.12M, followed by Russia and Iran
Opposition leader backs Istanbul mayor's expensive trip to Rome
24 Mayıs 2024 - 09:40
Opposition leader backs expensive Rome trip
Main opposition leader Ozel backs Istanbul Mayor Imamoglu's Rome trip, citing its branding benefits for Istanbul and Türkiye amid criticism
Romania - Türkiye relations celebrated in Ankara book launch
23 Mayıs 2024 - 19:06
Romania - Türkiye relations celebrated in Ankara
The book "A Century of Harmony: Romania-Türkiye Relations 1923-2023" is launched in Ankara, highlighting the historical and diplomatic connections between the two countries
Türkiye's drillship Fatih begins operations in Black Sea
23 Mayıs 2024 - 14:05
Fatih drillship starts work
Türkiye's Fatih drillship begins operations in Sakarya Gas Field, part of the country's energy expansion efforts
Türkiye captures 2 Interpol suspects, drug traffickers
23 Mayıs 2024 - 12:16
Turkish authorities detain 2 Interpol suspects
Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announces the detention of two foreign nationals sought by Interpol for crimes, including drug trafficking
Police nab 2 Daesh suspects with red notice in Türkiye's Kirsehir
23 Mayıs 2024 - 12:03
2 Daesh suspects with red notice arrested
Authorities arrest an Iraqi national, reportedly a high-ranking Daesh commander, with a military accomplice in Türkiye's Kirsehir, following an Interpol red notice
Historical Sariyer district averages over $1,600 in rental prices, tops Istanbul list
23 Mayıs 2024 - 11:15
Sariyer tops Istanbul's rental prices
Sariyer, a historical district overlooking Bosphorus, tops Istanbul's 39 districts in terms of average rental prices, reveals latest data
Izmir police dismantle organized crime syndicate, 9 arrested
23 Mayıs 2024 - 09:45
Izmir crime syndicate dismantled
Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya reveals that the Mahzen-48 operation in Izmir dismantled an organized crime syndicate, leading to the arrest of 9 suspects and the seizure of illegal weapons and drugs