Türkiye arrests building contractors one by one after earthquakes: 130 people were detained

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10 provinces of Türkiye and northern Syria were affected by the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes in Türkiye. While there were more than 25,000 dead and more than 65,000 people were injured. The contractors and the government officials who gave permission for them are pointed out as the reason why there is so much destruction in Türkiye. Turkish authorities arrested 130 people they hold responsible.

Türkiye arrests building contractors one by one after earthquakes: 130 people were detained

In the deadly earthquakes that took place in Türkiye, the country was badly damaged. There are thousands of dead and injured. The building contractors were held responsible for the reason for so much damage. Authorities are arresting responsible contractors one by one.

Turkish authorities have detained or issued arrest warrants for around 130 people allegedly involved in the construction of buildings that toppled and crushed occupants.

The death toll from Monday’s quakes stood at 28,191 — with another 80,000-plus injured — as of Sunday morning and was certain to rise as bodies kept emerging.

The public is also against the slow-moving search and rescue efforts. In addition, the fact that the buildings are not well built also feeds the anger of the people. Those responsible for this situation are being sought.

Although there are construction laws in Türkiye that meet earthquake standards, the government and municipalities allow contractors to construct buildings even if the buildings are not solid.

Vice President Fuat Oktay said late on Saturday that arrest warrants have been issued for 131 people suspected of being responsible for the collapsed buildings.

Türkiye's Justice Minister has pledged to punish anyone responsible, and prosecutors have begun collecting building samples for evidence of materials used in construction. The earthquakes were strong, but victims, experts and people in Türkiye blame poor construction for increased devastation.

Detentions continue while prosecutors are directed to investigate the incident.

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