420 tons of aid materials departed from New York to Türkiye

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Türkiye's Ambassador to Washington Hasan Murat Mercan and New York Consul General Reyhan Ozgur send the Turkon Line "Nevzat Kalkavan" ship, which will carry 420 tons of relief materials to the quake-hit area, from Elizabeth Port, New Jersey. The ship is expected to reach Mersin Port in 20 days.

420 tons of aid materials departed from New York to Türkiye

After the earthquake disaster in Türkiye, aid comes from many countries of the world. Consul General Ozgur, who made evaluations in Elizabeth Port of New Jersey, stated that after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, the aid campaign launched across the USA under the leadership of the Washington Embassy of Türkiye received intense participation from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, and that more than 10 collection centers were established in these regions.

Ozgur thanked everyone who took part in aid efforts and opened their warehouses for the collection of these aids.


Washington Ambassador Mercan said that the aid collected around New York was loaded into 42 containers and that a total of 46 containers of aid would reach Mersin Port in 20 days. Noting that far from the earthquake area, all they can do is to collect aid and pray, Mercan stated that they aim to deliver these aids to the region as quickly as possible.

Mercan also stated that a cargo plane carrying around 100 tons of relief supplies will depart for Türkiye on Monday, February 20. Ambassador Mercan and Consul General Ozgur, the Turkon Line ship "Nevzat Kalkavan", which will transport 420 tons of relief materials collected after the earthquake disaster to Mersin Port through Turks living in the USA, Turkey's representatives in the country, non-governmental organizations and other organizations, New Jersey Elizabeth Port farewelled from.


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