Istanbul group entertains children in quake-hit areas

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According the video of Anadolu, philanthropists are trying to put a smile on the faces of children. Anadolu shows the joy of children in the video they shared. Groups from Istanbul try to entertain children with various activities.

These are rare moments of happiness for children in Türkiye’s quake-hit areas. 

A group from Istanbul is trying to heal their scars.
Man from the group said, “The children are very happy. We have more fun when we see them happy. We are very happy to be here with them. You’ve seen it in this area, everyone has been forced to leaved their homes. Their life is no longer what it used to be. We are trying to give them something of their old lives and show them we are with them.”

When families see their children having fun, they become happy with them.

The mother of one of the children says:

“The children are very happy. They laughed. They are excited. They have smiles on their faces. They all seem to have forgotten about the earthquake. Thank you to everybody for their efforts. Hopefully there will be more such events because children need it. They were the most affected. ”

An earthquake survivor child shares her happiness as follows:

“We played on the tramboline. We had cotton candy and then we got toys. We had a lot of fun. It was really great.”



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