Flooding occurred in the provinces where the earthquake occurred in Türkiye: 14 dead

2023-03-15 16:55:14 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-15 18:06:46

Sanliurfa and Adiyaman, which were affected by two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, were shaken by floods this time. While many houses were flooded in the provinces, the streets almost turned into a lake. In Tut district of Adiyaman, 1 person lost his life and 3 people disappeared as a result of the container in the garden being caught in water. In Sanliurfa, 4 people lost their lives in the flood, and the lifeless bodies of 5 more people were found in the basement of the city. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that a 1.5-year-old child was among those who lost their lives in the flood disaster. According to the last minute information, another sad news came from Adiyaman, the loss of life in the flood disaster increased to 14. Search and rescue efforts continue for the 4 missing people in Adiyaman.

The heavy downpour, which the meteorology has warned for a while, has begun to be effective in a large part of the country. In this context, Malatya, Adiyaman and Sanliurfa, which are quake-hit zones, were at the top of the provinces most affected by the flood. Citizens are experiencing hard times after the earthquake, this time due to the flood that occurred after the downpour. While many houses in the mentioned cities were flooded, the roads turned into a lake. In Tut district of Adiyaman, 1 person lost his life and 3 people disappeared as a result of the container in the garden being caught in water. In Sanliurfa, 4 people died in the flood. Search and rescue teams rescued 2 firefighters in Sanliurfa. The dead bodies of 5 people, who were removed from the basement by teams that went to the region with news in Sanliurfa, were taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute morgue for autopsy. 14 people lost their lives in Adiyaman and Sanliurfa.

Vehicles drifted like a ship in traffic.


29 AFAD personnel, 2 rescue vehicles and 2 boats, and a military cargo plane belonging to the Turkish Air Force set off from Ataturk Airport to the provinces where the flood disaster occurred. Military aircraft will land at Sanlıurfa GAP Airport. The teams will go from there to the places where the disaster took place.


In Sanliurfa, floods occurred with the effect of the downpour, and 4 people lost their lives in the flood. Due to the downpour that increased its effect in the city last night, many streets and avenues in the city, especially Eyyubiye and Haliliye districts, were flooded.

In Sanlıurfa, 2 firefighters who were caught in the water filling the underpass of Koprulu Abide Junction were rescued by search and rescue teams. The rescue of the firefighters was applauded, while their relatives hugged each other and shed tears. Two firefighters were taken out of the water and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Diver teams continue their search and rescue efforts in the region.

The lifeless bodies of 5 people were found in the basement of Yavuzlar Apartment in the Tandogan District of Sanliurfa. The dead bodies of 5 people, who were removed from the basement by the teams who went to the region with a notice, were taken to the morgue of the Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. The number of people who lost their lives in the flood disaster in the city increased to 9.


AFAD "In the last 24 hours, 111 mm of precipitation has fallen in Sanliurfa and due to the floods, 4 of our citizens lost their lives and 2 of our citizens were reported missing," made the statement. AFAD Adiyaman province Tut District 136 mm per square meter in the last 24 hours. Stating that the rain fell, "As a result of the flooding in 1 container, 1 of our citizens lost their lives. Search and rescue efforts continue for 3 of our citizens who are missing," said.


A large number of firefighters and medical teams were directed to the hospital when the Sanliurfa 800-Bed Training and Research Hospital, which was affected by the flood disaster in Sanliurfa, was flooded. The patients treated in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital were quickly transferred to the surrounding hospitals, and the water in the hospital began to be evacuated.

Firefighters continue to work on water evacuation.


Many streets and avenues in the city, especially Eyyubiye and Haliliye districts, were flooded due to the heavy rain that increased the effect of the evening in the city. In the city where traffic disruptions were experienced, teams affiliated to the General Directorate of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (SUSKI) responded to flood reports from some houses. As a result of the collapse of the wall of the building where Hasan Ozdemir lived in Ahmet Yesevi Neighborhood, the water accumulated in the street filled the house.

Furniture in the house where crews were working to drain the water was damaged.


On the other hand, Omer Oturan, who was hit by lightning while he was on the field in Akcakale district, was taken to the hospital. Sitting is said to be life-threatening. Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgul, in her post on his social media account, stated that they are working with their supervisors in the field to eliminate the negativities caused by the downpour. 


In the statement made by the Governorship of Sanliurfa, it was stated that the heavy downpour, which was effective in the city, is expected to continue. For this reason, it was stated that education was suspended at all school levels across the province on Wednesday, March 15, and it was noted that pregnant and disabled officials in public institutions and organizations will also be considered on administrative leave.


Sanliurfa Governor Salih Ayhan, who made investigations in the field after the rain that was effective in the city, later attended the meeting at the Security and Emergency Situations Coordination Center (GAMER) where the measures taken and the works carried out in the field were evaluated.

Governor Ayhan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Sanliurfa has received the heaviest rainfall in recent years and said, "Sanliurfa has received the heaviest rainfall in recent years today, and we expect it tomorrow. The annual precipitation average of Urfa is 450 kilograms, the total precipitation in just two days is almost 150 kilograms. In March, the annual average age is 57 kilograms, only today's precipitation is 77 kilograms, so we can see that there is a great amount of precipitation and its effects on general life from here. This also had reflections, both the traffic flow being affected, the flooding of basement floors, some public institutions and pennies are affected, our farmers are affected, etc. But at the moment, we did our work in twelve fields at night, we toured the field. With all our institutions, our metropolitan municipality, district municipalities, highways, DSI and all related units, police, gendarmerie, we are following the field in the crisis center right now. We will follow it all night long. "

Stating that it is expected that the rains will continue to increase throughout the night, Governor Ayhan said that they took a break from education and training for one day.

Ayhan, asking the citizens not to leave their homes unless it is necessary, said, "Of course, as this precipitation increases, I can say that the settlements and agricultural lands, especially in the Harran region, are also at risk. Our DSI and related units are on the alert. I would like to say that this is the case. But we are together in all our institutions as much as we can. I can say that I will overcome this process in a healthy way without any accident. Of course, this rain is a mercy. This mercy can also be on such troublesome sides. I hope we will get through the troublesome side together with the least amount of trouble. We have also closed our schools so that our citizens should be cautious, be careful, and vehicle traffic will not be too heavy."

After heavy rain, the basement floors of Eyyubiye Training and Research Hospital were flooded.


Governor Ayhan said that all the institutions of the state are on the alert and that more than a thousand reports have been received from the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (SUSKI) so far, and that 300 of them have been resolved, and they aim to complete the rest by morning.

Stating that Sanliurfa Eyyubiye Training and Research Hospital was also affected by heavy rains, Governor Ayhan said:

"Especially the intensive care unit of our Eyyubiye Education and Research Hospital was submerged. It was immediately displaced by rapid intervention. And now the basement floors are being cleaned. We had 25 patients there, each of them was transferred to other hospitals in a healthy way, there is no negativity at the moment."

Governor Ayhan added that one person was adversely affected by the flood, and his treatment in the hospital continues and his health is good.


In Tut district, which was affected by the Kahramanmaras-centered earthquake on February 6, the stream overflowed due to the intermittent downpour. Tokat Governor Numan Hatipoğlu, who works as a coordinator in Adiyaman, stated that a container was caught in the water in the disaster that affected the whole region due to the downpour.


Emphasizing that support teams were sent to the region from Adiyaman and Golbaşı districts, Hatipoglu said:

"Some of our support teams and vehicles come here by clearing the road. One of our citizens died in the incident, 4 of our citizens are missing. Our teams continue their search efforts. We are trying to reach other citizens as well. We hope to reach our citizens as soon as possible. It's a disaster. Such an incident happened as a result of the container supplied by our citizens with their own means being swept away by the waters."

As a result of the overflow of Egriçay passing through Adiyaman city center, there were disruptions in the traffic on Ataturk Boulevard and puddles formed on the streets and avenues.

AFAD, police, gendarmerie and municipality teams continue to evacuate the tents where there is a risk of flooding.

Making a statement regarding the latest situation, Adiyaman Mayor Suleyman Kılınc updated the number of casualties as 3.


Heavy rain, which has been effective in Malatya for a while, caused flooding. While there were dents on the roads at many points, some houses were flooded. While excessive rainfall caused flooding in Dogansehir district, streams overflowed and agricultural lands were flooded.


Dogansehir Mayor Durali Zelyurt, who made an examination in the region, stated that the teams were working in the field and said that there was no information about injuries and loss of life that had reached them so far.


Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu made investigations in Tut district of Adiyaman. Making a statement to the press during his investigations, Soylu said, “A search and rescue team of 163 people is working, about 10 teams. Of course, we had made the necessary warnings about the flood and tried to take the necessary precautions in the region. But here, a family was swept away by the flood waters. We reached the funeral of one person out of four." Soylu noted that search and rescue efforts are continuing for the 3 missing persons.

Stating that the coordinating governors and all officials are in the region, Soylu said, "The roads are open, there is electricity, there is water." Stating that he has had warnings for the region for several days, Soylu specifically asked not to be around the stream beds. Soylu said, "There are warnings from our friends in the relevant places, and it is necessary to comply with the warnings."

It was learned that the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirisci, went to Sanliurfa to conduct investigations in the region where the flood disaster occurred.


The General Directorate of Meteorology announced the current weather report for the earthquake region where the flood disaster occurred. "It is estimated that the heavy rains in the earthquake region will be effective until late this evening and will continue to decrease in intensity after night hours," the statement said.