Türkiye started voting at the ballot box

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Before the voting process for the Presidential Election and the 28th Term General Election, the final preparations were made in Türkiye and the voting process started in the whole country. More than 191,000 ballot boxes were established in 973 districts and 1094 district election boards across Türkiye.

Türkiye started voting at the ballot box

More than 191,000 ballot boxes were set up in 973 districts and 1094 district election boards across the country for the Presidential Elections and the 28th Term Parliamentary Elections. Voting started at 08:00 am. 60 million 697 thousand 843 voters in the country will be able to vote until 05:00 pm today.

Voters will be able to vote with one of the official documents with the Republic of Türkiye Identity Number on it, which reveals their identity without hesitation. Voters will be able to vote with a driver's license and passport.


If you have your ID, driver's license or passport with you, it will not be necessary to bring your voter's paper. Having the ballot paper next to it will speed up the voting process. Those who did not receive the voter information sheet will be able to learn where and in which ballot box they will vote on the website of the Supreme Election Board (YSK). If the election goes to the second round, the voter information sheet will not be required again.

Voters will put two separate ballot papers that they have chosen for the president and deputies in the same envelope, put them in the ballot box and cast their votes.


YSK took various measures due to the earthquakes that affected 11 provinces in Kahramanmaras on 6 February. Detecting the deficiencies in the provinces affected by the earthquake, the YSK made preparations for the healthy conduct of the elections in the containers established in the provinces as a result of the studies. In the earthquake zone, ballot boxes were set up in the same schools in which ballot boxes were set up in the past. If the schools were destroyed or damaged, the votes were cast by placing containers in the garden or in a nearby area.


Ballot box committees were formed in 73 countries and 156 foreign representations for 3 million 416 thousand 98 voters registered in the foreign electoral roll. Voting process in overseas representations ended on 9 May. Voting procedures at the customs gates of those who could not vote within the specified time in their country of residence will continue until 05:00 pm today.


The names of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Muharrem Ince, Kemal Kilicdaroglu and Sinan Ogan will appear on the ballot paper for the presidential election. Muharrem Ince, one of the candidates, announced that he withdrew from his candidacy on May 11, and Ince's name will continue to be on the ballot since the printing and distribution of the ballots has been completed.

In the General Election to be held to determine the 28th Term Parliament, 24 political parties and 151 independent parliamentary candidates across Türkiye will enter. Some political parties will enter the elections with 5 different alliances under the name of "Republic", "Nation", "Ata", "Labor and Freedom" and "Socialist Power Union" alliances.


Within the scope of election bans, alcoholic beverages will not be sold from 06:00 am to 12:00 am today, it will be forbidden to give and drink alcoholic beverages in public places, entertainment venues will remain closed during the voting period, only food will be served in restaurants that are entertainment venues. The wedding can be held after 06:00 pm, provided that the election bans and the specified rules are followed. No one will be able to carry weapons other than those who are in charge of maintaining security and order. Radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs will not be able to make news, predictions and comments on the election and election results until 06:00 pm on the election day. Only news and communiqués to be given by the YSK about the election can be broadcast between 06:00 pm and 09:00 pm on radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs.

All broadcasts will be released after 09:00 pm on election day, however, if deemed necessary by the YSK, it may be decided to release broadcasts before 09:00.


Voters will put two separate ballot papers of their choice for the president and deputies in the same envelope and put them in the ballot box. First, the counting and listing of the ballot papers for the presidential election will be done.

The invalidity of one election type in the ballot papers that come out of the envelope will not necessitate the invalidation of the other. If a "Yes" or "Preference" seal is not affixed to more than one alliance, a party or candidate that is not in the same alliance, the votes will be invalid. Tearing the ballot paper in such a way that its integrity is damaged, printing any special sign, name, signature stamp or fingerprint on the ballot, other than the seal or instead of the seal, will also invalidate the vote.

In addition, if the ballot paper is clearly scribbled, scratched or marked, or if there is any item in the envelope that serves as a sign, the votes will be considered invalid. If the absolute majority of the valid votes is not achieved in the first ballot, the election calendar prepared for the second ballot of the Presidential Election to be held on 28 May will run.

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