Turkish President Erdogan delivers 'Balcony Speech'

2023-05-15 02:33:37 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-05-15 02:47:36

Turkish President Erdogan is giving a Balcony Speech in Ankara. 'Someone is in the kitchen and we are on the balcony. Although the exact results are not yet clear, we are in the lead by a long way,' Erdogan said.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers the post-election Balcony Speech. Going out to the balcony accompanied by cheers, Erdogan, targeting Kilicdaroglu, said, "Someone is in the kitchen, we are on the balcony. Although the exact results are not yet clear, we are in the lead by a long way."


"Someone is in the kitchen, we are on the balcony. Our country has successfully completed another democracy feast on 14 May. Although the final results are not yet clear, we are in the lead by a long way.

It is understood that it will take some more time for both the unofficial results of the domestic votes to be announced and the counting of the foreign votes. We are not like those who tried to deceive the nation for the last time by declaring that we are ahead of a picture that they know that they are far behind.

We have always been wary and hasbi to our nation. We know that we are still in the lead in the elections today, but we are waiting for the manifestation of the national will, as the full manifestation of the result has not yet been officially seen.

While we are waiting for the result, we decided to do our traditional balcony speech in order to respond to your waiting here...


I would like to start my speech by thanking all my brothers who did not leave us alone with their love, enthusiasm and loyalty. I would like to thank each of my brothers who took part in the ballot box committees, or who voluntarily took care of the ballot boxes with their individual efforts, and who took on a duty in their work abroad.

Undoubtedly, I would like to thank each and every one of my citizens who went to the polls with a record turnout and reflected their preferences for the future of their country and their own. I would like to express my gratitude to my brothers and sisters who preferred us, the AK Party and the People's Alliance in the election. The winner has been our country, our nation, beyond the numbers and rates that the election tables will show.

Türkiye has proven once again that it is among the leading democracies of the world, with its commitment to the superiority of the national will and the freedom of its citizens in their political choices. We showed this fact with the participation rate in the elections. It's like no other in the world.


The outbursts of CHP administrators and some mayors, the product of their own internal reckoning, do not change this fact. Our country has a functioning that will set an example for the world in terms of both the exercise of political rights and freedoms and the reliability of the electoral system. No one has the right to spoil this beautiful picture for their own vicious political calculations.

Throughout our political life, we have always respected the decision of the national will, that is, your decision. We respect this election as well. We will respect it in the next elections as well.


The Commonwealth knows the business. You did the right thing. We expect the same democratic maturity from everyone. The debates in the election campaign are now over. Everyone has spoken, and our nation has made its decision today. There's no point in making new covers for it anymore. We will see together what the decision of our nation is, when the unofficial final results are announced.

Regardless of the outcome, I would like to express my gratitude to each of my nearly 27 million citizens who have made their choice in the presidency in today's elections. I would like to thank each and every one of our approximately 56 million citizens who participated in this feast of democracy, regardless of whose side they choose.


In the elections, we have already surpassed our closest competitor by 2 million 600 thousand. I believe that this figure will increase even more with the final results. Due to the 50+1 vote limit of our electoral system, we do not yet know whether the election is over in the first round. If our nation's decision shows that the election is over, then there is no problem. If our nation has made its choice in favor of the second round of the election, it has a place on our heads.

We believe that we will finish this round with more than 50 percent of the vote. Because the foreign votes have not completely transferred to our country. The counts continue. For this, I ask our members of the organization and all my brothers and sisters who love us to be vigilant until the processes in the district and provincial election boards at the ballot boxes are completed.

We will follow the process without allowing the slightest weakness that will overshadow our electoral victory. Currently, the majority in the Parliament is in the People's Alliance. The Commonwealth of Nations dominates the commissions. Therefore, we have no doubt that the preference of our nation, which gave the majority in the Parliament to the People's Alliance, is also in favor of trust and stability in the Presidential election. I hope the election results will bring good luck to our country and our nation."