Airplanes caught in 'UFO' in Türkiye

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An 'unidentified object' was detected on the radar of a passenger plane in Gaziantep yesterday afternoon. Flights were temporarily suspended due to the UFO alert. The incident caused great repercussions in the world press.

Airplanes caught in 'UFO' in Türkiye

Yesterday's news from Gaziantep province of Türkiye made widespread news both in the national and international press. The radar of an airplane arriving at Gaziantep Airport at midnight detected an 'unidentified object' at 9,000 feet.

According to Anadolu, flights were suspended at Gaziantep Airport for security reasons after an unidentified object was reported by the cockpit crew of two passenger planes at an altitude of about 9,000 feet (2,743 meters) at around 00:30 am in Gaziantep.

The pilots reported the situation to Gaziantep Air Traffic Control Tower and the plane was diverted to Adana. Other flights from Gaziantep Airport were also diverted to Adana and Sanliurfa.


It is learned that 18 flights, including one international flight, were canceled in Gaziantep since the incident. Flights at Gaziantep Airport resumed after 12 hours following the investigations on the suspicious object.


According to the news of, the UFO incident in Gaziantep attracted the attention of the world. New Start Times stated in its report that flights in Gaziantep were suspended for 12 hours after the UFO sighting. The Star stated that 18 flights were canceled due to the 12-hour flight suspension.

The Sun Daily reported that there was a suspicious object in Gaziantep, Türkiye, emphasizing that the source of the news was Anadolu Agency.

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