Turkish House attacked in New York

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The Turkish House in the US state of New York was attacked. The attacker, whose identity has not yet been determined, broke the windows of the building. While 12 windows and doors of the building were damaged, no one was injured. Türkiye's s president called on the US to find the 'terrorist'.

The Turkish House in New York, established by Türkiye for diplomatic purposes, was attacked early Monday.

The assailant smashed the windows of the building at 3.14 AM local time, Turkish Consul General in New York Reyhan Ozgur told Anadolu.

Ozgur said that no one was hurt but 12 windows and the doors of the building were damaged.

He said the assailant who is yet to be identified left a jemmy on the spot.

An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

Ozgur said that the Turks in New York, who voted in the Turkish House, would not affect the runoff of the Turkish presidential elections.


Türkiye's s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the US to find the "terrorist" who attacked the Turkish House "do what is necessary."

"In Europe, the (terrorist group) PKK has seen that things are getting worse, (and) they have started to attack the voters. They probably say that these voters are in favor of the People's Alliance. That's why they attack them.

"What is more, they have attacked the Turkish House in America, just across from the United Nations (building) in the US, and broke the windows. Why? You were democrats. What do you gain by attacking the Turkish House, breaking the windows?" said Erdogan.

"You need to find this terrorist who broke the windows of the Turkish House with a crowbar," he said.


US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said at a press conference, "We condemn the vandalism. Violence against diplomatic missions within the United States is a punishable crime."

Source: Anadolu Agency

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